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Systems Learning. Free your thinking to deal effectively with the world as it is – messy, complex, unpredictable.

Systems Learning aims to introduce you to a different way of thinking, freeing you to deal more effectively with complexity and uncertainty - we call this Systems Thinking.

On this site you can enjoy access to our FREE six-part Introduction to Systems Learning online course and find out about our face-to-face and other online courses.

Do you, or your organisation, wrestle with complex, messy problems that seem impossible to solve? Are you responsible for transformation?

Liberate yourself to experience more effective ways of thinking at one of our Reflective Practice Groups (in person or via Zoom) – we also run in-house courses for organisations of all sizes.

All our activities are designed to help people and organisations free their thinking, to deal with challenges,  uncertainty, complex systems and stuck relationships in a far more effective way. We also show how to translate sustainability into action.

“A course with Martin Sandbrook is a must for everyone who wants to better understand the complexity of the world we are living in, and at the same time wants to be a positive agent of change in their personal or professional lives.” Kathrine Maceratta - Digital Transformation Director, Unilever

Systems Learning is part of The Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems