Welcome to Systems Learning, where you will learn to deal effectively with the world as it is – messy, complex, unpredictable.

Are you frustrated by complex problems that you can’t solve, constrained by current ways of thinking, uneasy about the tools you use to make decisions?

Time to open your awareness, to free your thinking, so you can deal comfortably and effectively with complex systems, stuck relationships and intractable challenges.

Our aim is to liberate you from the limitations of current ways of thinking.

Here you will find more effective ways to deal with complexity, uncertainty and the unexpected. Our approach is mostly about how you are in the world – so, no fear of mathematics, statistics or techie stuff.

Interested to free yourself from the limitations of business as usual?

You can either:

- follow a free online introductory course. 

Six 15 minute videos, to begin the journey thinking effectively about complex systems, with materials for wider learning.

or, for deeper learning:

- find information about face-to-face courses, in particular, our one-day ‘open your awareness’ course – Business as Unusual.

Systems Learning is part of The Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems